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Heart disease is the #1 killer in America. Find out if you’re at risk with
St. Joseph Medical Center’s fast, free and confidential HeartAware assessment. It’s seven minutes that could save your life. If you’re found to be at risk for heart disease, we can help with a follow-up consultation.

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The facts about heart disease

Every 37 seconds, an American dies of heart disease — a disease that can be prevented and treated. Yet 70 million Americans with heart disease don’t know they have it. There aren't always symptoms and you can be at risk even if you have a healthy lifestyle. The first step toward preventing heart disease is find out if you’re at risk.

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The risk factors for heart disease
  • > Age — your risk increases as you get older
  • > A family history of heart disease
  • > Smoking
  • > High blood cholesterol
  • > High blood pressure
  • > Obesity
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The HeartAware Program

HeartAware is an innovative heart disease detection program that can help you identify:

  • > Your risk factors for developing heart disease
  • > Next steps you should take based on your risk factors
  • > Lifestyle changes that could lower your heart disease risk

You’ll receive a personalized report that details your risk profile with action steps to reduce that risk. If you’re found to be at risk for heart disease, a St. Joseph Heart Institute representative will call you (with your permission) and encourage you to visit your physician or offer you a more detailed CT scan screening test.

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Based on 40 years of research. Saving countless lives.

Offered exclusively in the Baltimore area by St. Joseph Medical Center, the HeartAware risk assessment is based on 40 years of data collected by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. This long-term effort traced common factors contributing to heart disease.

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